Why You Should Use a VPN For Public Browsing

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) achieves two specific purposes:

  • It encrypts your online activity for private browsing
  • It manipulates your IP address so you appear in a different location

A VPN might slow your connection speed, but there are multiple advantages when using a VPN. These will be explored throughout this article, and if you’re seeking the best VPN service, be certain to research extensively online to discover what works best for you.

Access Unrestricted Streaming Content

Copyright agreements can cause blocked access to streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, and this is highly frustrating. There are different restrictions based on where you live, and it’s not uncommon to be blocked from streaming content from other countries. Geographical enforcement uses your login IP address to trace your country of origin, but with a VPN service, you are assigned a random IP address. This manipulation allows you to access streaming services from the country you’re assigned to, lifting the restrictions associated with normal internet browsers.

Watch Home Specific Broadcasts While Traveling
If you’re traveling to a foreign country, you might not trust the validity of your connection. Local networks can be dodgy to say the least, and leave you feeling uneasy about streaming sports, games, television, and video feeds. This type of content can help reduce homesickness, so chances are you’ll want to access home specific broadcasts. With a VPN tunnel connection, you can force a borrowed connection and access your home country’s content as if you were still there! This enables you to keep up to date with the latest television, sports, and newscasts.

Use Public Wi-Fi With Confidence
You might be unaware of this, but using a public hotspot isn’t exactly confidential. There is no encryption or security for users, and signals are broadcast to anyone who is skilled enough to eavesdrop. This puts you at risk, since even a junior level hacker could access your information. Public WiFi is insecure, but with a VPN connection you are rewarded with enhanced safety. Connecting to a personal VPN through a public network encrypts your web use, so a VPN is a wise investment.

Unblock Your Connection at Work
Companies will often install a block which prevents employees from accessing certain websites. This is usually an initiative to prevent workers wasting valuable time, where there is an ‘Acceptable Use’ policy in place. What’s acceptable is, however, up for debate, and if you can’t check your Facebook, visit YouTube, or access Gmail, that can be a problem. With a VPN connection you can ‘tunnel out’ of a restrictive network, and execute normal internet functions. Your VPN browsing is scrambled, so the network administrator can’t collect any evidence of your behavior. If you feel bypassing network restrictions at work is justifiable, a VPN will help you out.

Avoid Searches Being Logged
Search engines usually catalog your history, and your search choices are attached to your IP address. Search engines consequently customize advertisements based on your searches, putting you at risk of public embarrassment and violating your privacy. With a VPN, your search engines aren’t logged in the same fashion, meaning you have more privacy.

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