When to Seek Help

No one likes to ask for help. Ever since we were little kids, struggling with our gallons of milk and exclaiming, “No! I’ve got it!” we haven’t been good at asking for help. There’s a stigma around asking for assistance, and we think that if we do it, we’ll be weak. The truth is, people who ask for help are nothing but strong. If you want to exhibit some of your own strength, consider asking for help in some of the following areas.

A loss

If you’ve recently experienced a loss, either through a personal injury or a loved one’s death, you’re dealing with a lot. Instead of keeping your feelings bottled up, find ways to cope with the grief. In the same way that you need a doctor after you’ve smashed into a tree on your bike, you need help when you’ve smashed into a tougher side of life. Seek out help from friends and a therapist to better find your way through feelings of grief.

Your Body

If your body isn’t working the way it ought to, you might not want anyone to know. You may stubbornly keep on working, not telling anyone about your back pain. You may be having difficulty remembering things, but you’re too scared to tell your kids. Physical issues are never something to be ashamed of, so whether it’s getting help in the bedroom with Stamina RX, or getting help with joint pain, never be embarrassed to get some physical assistance.

An Addiction

Many people suffer from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. If you’ve found yourself dealing with a substance abuse problem, you’re not alone. Remember that you have nothing to be ashamed of, and that there are many caring people willing to help you break free of your addiction. Take the time to seek out an interventionist and get on the road towards a better life.

Anxiety and Depression

6.9% of people struggle with depression. 18% struggle with anxiety. Those statistics, however, list only the people who have been diagnosed, and it’s likely that many people live their lives not asking for treatment. Most people experience some anxiety, and some depression, on and off throughout their lives, but anyone who experiences them on a regular, recurring basis should seek help. No one has to live with anxious thoughts or depressed feelings, and they’re a struggle no one should be ashamed of. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, seek help. A better life is right around the corner.

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