Rehab: A Decision That Will Change Your Life

When your life is dominated by the need for a drug or a drink, almost everything feels out of control. It’s hard to keep appointments or commitments, fulfill obligations at home and at work, and keep yourself mentally and emotionally stable. In fact, something the only thing that does feel under control is the act of drinking or taking the drug itself – but this is an illusion. It is our addiction that is disrupting our lives around us, even when – in fact, especially when – it feels like that drink or drug is all we have left.

There is a way out of this lifestyle, but it isn’t a way that most of us can walk alone. But it doesn’t have to be. A substance abuse problem is a medical issue, just like any other disease or like a broken bone. To deal with it, you need to treat it like the medical problem it is. You need to work with professionals.

Rehab: a path forward

There are a lot of ways to seek help for a substance abuse problem. You can start with your primary care physician, who can help you understand your issue and can point you in the direction of specialists like psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists who specialize in substance abuse. You can also seek help from support groups, including twelve-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. These programs help you progress through the stages of recovery, from understanding that you have a problem to making amends and walking away from the substance you crave, all while being surrounded by like-minded people who are going through inspiring recovery journeys of their own. These are just a few of the resources you have in your battle against addiction, and it’s a good idea to combine more than one of these solutions, because each of them brings its own unique tools to the table.

One recovery tool that we haven’t mentioned yet is particularly powerful. It’s rehab, a specialized treatment program that tackles different aspects of your struggle and uses a period of intense support to set you on a journey that will last long after you check out. Rehab is a path forward, and choosing to go to a rehab program is one of the most important and life-changing decisions that an addict can make.

Rehab that suits your needs

Rehab isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing, either. While you might think of rehab centers as in-patient facilities, there are out-patient rehabs, too. There are rehabs that specialize in treatment for specific addictions and others that host folks with a variety of substance abuse problems. Rehabs may offer both physical and mental treatments. Some specialize in care for elderly addicts, while others focus on the young.

In short, no matter what you need in a rehab, you’ll be able to find it. Web tools for finding rehabs and the advice of your therapists and doctors will make your decision easier, and your health insurance plan will help you cover the cost (even if you’re on Medicaid, Medicare, or a combination of Medicare and a Medigap plan, you’re likely to get help paying for your treatments).

If you think that you have a substance abuse problem, don’t wait. Speak to your doctor and discuss rehab possibilities. It’s a decision that could change your life.

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