Fantasy Football Parties Guaranteed to Score

Football season is long. Since the middle of football season usually coincides with the weather changing from autumn to winter, it’s easy to get the mid-season doldrums. Your fantasy league isn’t immune to that either. The injuries can start piling up, making people wonder if football is really worth it. If it’s Week 5 and your team is already in last place, you may be feeling frustrated. Even if it’s too late for your team, it’s not too late for your fantasy football league. Next time you and your buddies get together, try a few things to spice up the proceedings.

Raise the Stakes

What is your league playing for other than bragging rights? If the answer is “not much,” it’s time to make things more interesting. Not too interesting, of course. No one is saying you should bet your house or your spouse (your spouse would probably have an issue with that, for one), but there are some easy ways to make your fantasy football league feel like more of a true competition. Fantasy football trophies are a nice way to offer a prize that’s tangible and valuable. If you lose, you’re missing out on a nice trophy, but you’re not going to have to sit your daughter down and apologize for spending her college fund on a losing fantasy football team. To keep the people at the bottom of the standings interested, make sure to buy a trophy for the lowest finisher in the league as well. Then you’ll have a trophy at the top that people want to obtain, and a trophy at the bottom that people want to avoid. The tension there should make for a fun finish to the season.

For extra goofiness, hold an entire ceremony for the winner. Construct a mini-stage and throw confetti. Ask the winner to give a speech, then cut them off with a series of boos. You can also tease the loser, but don’t go too overboard. Finishing dead last is humiliating enough on its own.

Upgrade the Food

Beer pretzels with cheese are great. Same with nachos and hot wings. But they can get old if you’re eating them week in and week out. Break out of your culinary rut by getting food that’s better quality. Are the Dolphins playing in prime time? Then make it a seafood night. There are tons of ways to tie the theme of the food to the team match-ups. You can have barbecue during the Cowboys game! If the Packers are playing, arrange it so that every dish contains cheese. If the Jets are playing, eat only airplane food (OK, so not every idea is a winner).

Or you can just get together and decide to get catering from the best Greek restaurant in town. Not everything has to have a larger meaning. The point is to get beyond the idea that watching football always means eating bar food. Bar food is delicious, but it can be a bit hard on the digestive system. If tofu and football seems like a bridge too far, so be it. But there’s some surprisingly good tofu out there nowadays. Focus on getting out of your dietary comfort zone while your team focuses on getting in the end zone.

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