Putting the Customer at the Heart of Your Business

In the customer-facing industry, your clients are the backbone of the business. Sometimes, due to pressures of financial success, organizations tend to forget this simple fact. Do that at your own peril. Whether you’re a grocery store, a dance studio, an e-commerce website, a law firm, or anything in between, in order to ensure long-term success, you will have to focus on customer-centric strategies that will deliver an exceptional experience for all your clients. Customers share reports of poor service with friends and relatives to warn them of buying products or services from that particular company. At the same time, customers reward impactful business interactions with everything from good reviews and online praise to referrals, so it’s important to put your best foot forward at all times regardless of the industry in which you operate your business.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers are willing to pay up to 25 percent more as long as they receive superior services? Therefore, providing high-quality services to your customers will not only help your company maintain a good reputation, but the customers will be willing to pay more for your services and products. As far as customer experience goes, it’s often the small changes that make big differences. Here are some of the ways a business can improve customer experience.

Get personal

There is no better way to improve customer experience than by delivering individualized services. Where applicable, it is important that a business focus on providing a customized experience for its clients. If you deal with large groups of people who speak a different language, specialize a portion of your website dedicated to their native language, or even look at an example like this law firm’s spanish site meant to answer all their clients’ questions. This way, the customer will feel like the company understands their needs. Who doesn’t want to buy from a business that understands your needs?


Automating mindless tasks that consume a lot of time, denying employees the chance to get personal with your customers is a good move. For instance, a company can adopt a help desk software to streamline the customer service experience. Employees are able to focus on giving your clients an exceptional customer experience and other equally important matters.

Reward loyalty

Eighty percent of a company’s earnings comes from its loyal customers. Loyal customers stay long, cost the company less to serve, tell their friends, and spend more. This type of loyalty is not easy to come by and should be rewarded. Discounts are a good start, but don’t stop there. Give your most loyal customers something of value. Strengthen brand affinity by giving these customers exclusive content.

Be creative

Use customer feedback to come up with ideas to develop new products, develop new uses for existing products, and in general, improve your overall services. In order to get the creative juices flowing, you should utilize your best resources: your employees. Be open to new ideas, track your planning process and be willing to take a risk. Make it your business priority to always make the customer’s life easier by improving the overall customer experience.

Fix issues, once and for all

Use your automation software to track feedback and pinpoint raised issues, and fix them for good. Save the time and effort for both the technicians and customers. It’s best if a customer’s query is solved the first time it’s raised. Giving your customers the ability to solve their problems through a self-service portal is more satisfying and efficient.

Monitor your social media sites

A customer’s comment on your company’s services on social media, whether good or bad, can spread like a wildfire. To get the most of social media and enhance your customer’s’ experience at the same time, combine customer satisfaction research and social media monitoring exercises.

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